Friday, 11 July 2014

You Guize!

It's been well over a year or two since I've posted on here and I expected to have no followers but instead i've got 300! You crazy cats. So news: I now have a degree in fine art and am working in a school but still doing artistic pursuits during my spare time.

I basically signed in to my googlemail account today to authorise my hotmail account and was absolutely amazed when I saw that my blog has over 88,000 views! So now I'm thinking I should start it back up again. Let me know what you think and I'll start planning some posts if enough of you guys are interested.

Anyways, enough about me, I feel like I should post some pretty and inspiring photos for old time's sake!

I don't tend to do pastels even though I love them- they just don't look right on me (let's be honest- I'm all about the dark jewel colours even when it's 90 degrees outside) but these are beautiful. I have a bit of a love affair for grids now as well since my degree piece of work.:
Also check out this AMAZING coat! Why can't I find a rain mac like this?! I've been searching for weeks and I was even willing to go out of my comfort zone and buy a coloured one but apparently they don't exist. I think we've established that I'm lusting after coats at the moment. I'm going to indietracks in 2 weeks and I desperately need a coat which doesn't make me look like a boring sod and can actually keep me dry... Apparently the shops didn't get the memo.

Oooooooh pretty: I bought a silver leather style skirt last week- I fully intend to transform in to a mermaid by the end of the month.

< Token floral addition to the inspiration mess that is this post. It's not a true blog post without some floral- my name is Heather after all for crying out loud.
So for now- that is all. 
It has been brief, but i felt compelled to add something after you all stayed loyal to my blog for 2 years during my unforgivable absence!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hey guys, It has been maybe about a bloody year since i posted on here! what the hell is that about?! haha this is what i look like right now^^^^. still look like some kind of 90's druid witch without even intending to... something my mates are constantly taking the piss out of me for haha. I went out in Nottingham last night with my best friend Sarah from home.. and my house-mates Rhea and Soph.. and yeah this was taken... just thought i'd stop by and make an effort to post on here like i used to :) mega-post due to be uploaded later... detailing new clothes that i've bought.. and things that i've been up to in the time that i've been away! :) Thankyou to all of my lovely followers who stayed with me and to the new ones who i haven't had the chance to say hi to yet! 
Love, Heather 

Friday, 10 June 2011

What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

Oh miss lizzie bennett you do talk such sense :) and i think that i can confirm this statement first handedly as i myself have only recently got back from a lovely little trip to the lake district. I know england can be a bag of shit sometimes (i don't quite have the poetic flair that jane austen has in her novels haha), but these past couple of days really have taught me an much overdue lesson or reminder of how ignorant i actually am on this subject! haha. A highlight was walking across a desolate moor whilst it absolutely poured down and all i could see around me were stray sheep and goats and the cloud covering the very tops of the mountain peaks :) I think i actually compared the moment to a scene from wuthering heights! haha very apt i thought... my mum, however wasn't as impressed with the gloomy atmosphere of the place mixed with the torrential rain haha. The scene would have been perfect had i been wearing a beautiful flowing gown and victorian style overcoat inside of denim shorts and a rain mac haha. All in all the whole place was stunning :) i managed to see 60 ft waterfalls in the midst of beautiful mountains, walk by rivers and babbling brooks and see deer and bats in the woods that we stayed in. The jewel in the crown though was stumbling upon this beautiful little "odd shop" in the middle of kendle where i found an actual victorian magazine called "temple bar" from 1881 for a pound and a book of "The country diary of an edwardian lady" (the lady being a woman called Edith Holden) which had the most beautiful illustrations of wild birds, insects and flowers along with some accompanying poems by Wordsworth, Burns, Shakespeare, Shelley etc.... and an in depth account of her daily encounters with nature :) I will post photos tomorrow hopefully when i get a chance, because it really is beautiful! haha. Why do i write about my well spent times in cumbria i hear you ask? well the answer is threefold; 1) it is beautiful, 2) it's going to have some nice effects and inspire some future outfits and 3) probably my art and outlook on nature in general! 
Above: Dungeon Ghyll Waterfall. One of the most beautiful natural wonders in the most beautiful and haunting environment i have ever seen! if you're lucky enough to be up that way any time in the future, it's well worth the visit :)
Above: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, opened to the public in 1885 (i think haha), was just one of the sites which helped to inspire Turners artworks. Sketches and illustrations of this particular waterfall have been found in his studio.

Above Left: A couple of chapters of this wondefull book called "kith and kin" by Jessie Fothergill were featured in the victorian "temple bar" magazine that i bought from Kendal, and i actually became engrossed in the story! haa so my new mission is to find this book! hello ebay :) From the 2-3 chapters i got to sample of this story.. i would deffinately recommend it to anyone who is a fan of austen etc! 
Above Right: The cover of "the country diary of an edwardian lady" showing just one of many beautiful watercolour illustrations! :) This book has single-handedly managed to reignite my passion for wordsworth and shelley! At the moment i'm up to june.. which ties in pretty well with the seasons i reckon haha.

Above: Images of Edith Holden's edwardian diary :) I got these lovely photos from as my stupid camera is broken for the time being! 

I might post a few photos of the lovely little finds that i found in a forthcoming post hopefully. I managed to get a beautiful 1940's style satin prom dress as well which i might take some photos in :) i got it from a charity shop in windermere for a tenner! haha. I don't know how i do it.. i really dont. Beautiful scenery, Beautiful walks and Beautiful find... i think that sums up my holiday to be honest! haha

Lots of Love,
Heather xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011


My name is Heather..... Gypsies sell "lucky Heather".... Gypsies wear pretty patterned fringey shawl things.... Heather decided to go a bit gypsy today haha. Now although that previous sentance may look like the ramblings of a mad man, it did make complete sense to me when i put this outfit together haha... even if it is a somewhat contrived association! As you have probably guessed, i'm loving all things ethnic and cultural at the moment mixed in with a dark twist for good measure :) I'm still loving florals but i think there's something pretty and mysterious about making them dark and dead like. What i'm trying to say is... i want to look like the wilting flowers on the grave of someone long forgotten... the perfect look for summer then haha? As people who have followed my "fashion" for a while now, you are probably already aware that i like to get the seasons completely wrong haha, therefore being friends with me is like living in some kind of opposite, parallel style dimension whereby summer becomes winter and so forth. This recently got so bad that i was dubbed "haversham" by my own stepfather whilst wearing a long gold and black lace dress hahaha... i was thinking florence welch whilst everyone else thought i was an extra in an anne boleyn biopic haha. I still love that dress though! Anyways, i'm explaining my ideas rather badly today so i shall let some lovely pictures do some talking and show you the inspiration :)

I want to steal this particular bunch of flowers and decorate all of my clothes with them and put them in my hair :) I love the colours.. not too bright, muted just enough to make them quite dark. Photo Source:
Photo Source:
I'd like to say that this is me just chilling in my garden looking all mysterious and gothic whilst remaining innocent and virginal in white lace, but unfortunately it's not. I'm sorry but i'm just not that bloody innovative haha. I do love this photo though, it reminds me of the first recorded video (The roundhay garden scene). Might pop that in here for good measure as well actually haha :)
 Roundhay Garden Scene, 1888Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince
Okay, so this quickly turned into a victorian-esque inspired post.. but i don't care haha.. i know where i'm going with this one :)

What I Wore:

Above I'm wearing: Black Crotchet Poncho from New Look (Online), Black Fringe Studded Bag from Primark in Nottingham, Paisley Print Shawl fro Charity Shop in Nottingham, Black Mini Skirt from Primark in Manchester, Silver Vest Top from Primark in Manchester, and various bits and pieces of jewellery :)

Love Heather xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I'm not gonna lie, i'm just gonna leave. haha i kid. i got a new tumblr. Slightly more discreet this time though.. look at me trying to reassure myself that this time it'll be "different".. pfft haha. I went for a couple of weeks without it, and even though i barely used it anymore, when i came back on here i found it mightily hard without my daily dose of inspiration that tumblr so lovingly provided. So i decided to put it right and fill that tumblr shaped void that plagued my life so much. However, i forgot how bare your tumblr is when you set it up haha. So i propose that you, my lovely followers, maybe link me up to some of your tumblrs/ fave ones? and theres a link below if you fancy following mine :). Still in the early days atm so it needs a bit of loving and caring! haha.
Have a little browse, i'm just using it as a source for inspiration mainly :)

Love, Heather

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gypsy Nights

Right, because i'm a lazy arse and haven't taken any photos of my self for a very long time, i haven't got any new looks (hence why there are no new looks on lookbook haha). But, i thought i'd take this special opportunity to show you some of the ideas and inspirations that have shaped my wardrobe over the past couple of months in preparation to the abundance of "looks" that i shall be posting in the forthcoming weeks :). Think john galliano (obviously) meets stevie nicks, if you will. Now, we all know i'm a sucker for pattern.. (it is often my downfall haha) and now that it's summer i thought i'd re-vamp my wardrobe a bit and bring it up to date with the fashions that these "new-age" youngsters are wearing, whilst still retaining my personal style. Now when i say "gypsy" i don't mean "big fat"... let's get this straight before i continue! I'm thinking old fashioned, painted wagons, beads, paisley, and shawls mixed in with a hint of african Indian and a few earthy stones for good measure. This sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, which means we're right on track for my summer style haha. I've acquired some BEAUTIFUL items over the last couple of months (even if i do say so myself haha) from various charity shops, vintage shops and high street stores. I think Fleetwood Mac is an essential band to listen to whilst reading this post by the way.. just a heads up!
Check out this SCHWEET moodboard that i made for the occasion in the uber sophisticated computer programme "paint" hahaha.... don't hate me cause i'm cool.. i kid. This is pretty beautiful though, but then again anything with Stevie Nicks, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, C.S Lewis and Philip Pullman is bound to be amazing. I spent most of my time away from the world of technology with my nose in many brilliant books, some of which included Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" and C.S Lewis' "The chronicles of Narnia". I think i'm a bit in love with both of these authors now... Philip Pullman in particular! Oooh also before i forget.. the rings which i know, if you're like me are probably lusting after, are both from Topshop. The square, blue one with detail is actually in the sale for £4.50 :)... I know, i'm tempted! overdraft.. you cause me pain, but i love you haha.
Above top: Stevie Nicks, Above Bottom: Vogue Turkey.
Anyways i'm nearing on v drunk from red wine and i have to get up at 6.45 for the gym tomorrow which is pretty impossible when you weigh up the odds haha. So i think i'm going to go to bedfordshire and post some more shiz tomorrow. So for now. N'NOIGHT!
Lots of love

Monday, 30 May 2011

Hello :)

Hello lovely new followers who i haven't yet had the pleasure of introducing myself to! Good god it feels like years since i last came on here. I feel like a changed person! my hair is a lovely ginger colour (in homage to the weasleys in harry potter of course) and i have just about finished my first year of studying fine art at university! :D i shall post some of my work for those of you mildly interested later (not that there will be many haha). I'm sorry for my absence... i'd like to say that it was solely down to the failure of my laptop but we all know it has something to do with the fact that i'm a lazy cow as well haha. But hey ho. i'm back now! what did i miss? As some of you who followed me on tumblr, and asked me shiz on formspring a while back, already know i decided to do a little spring clean of my life and delete my profiles on those things. It feels very refreshing to not be tied down to several sites (as inspiring as i found them to be). I'm gonna just keep this one going from now on and post on my lookbook a bit more whilst i'm at home for the summer and have more time on my hands :) So yeah, just wanted to say hi! will be posting some shiz about what i've been getting up to later on tonight and some fashion shiznit. but until then tally ho! oh... also... the below picture shows what i look like now haha: